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Posted by wavetro - 19 hours ago

Hey everyone, one last update before I return to making videos next year: cavefolder 2 and all future episodes of the show are cancelled.

I'm gonna spare you from the full explanation, but over the past two years, I've learned that I was happiest when I was making the short stickmen videos, not when I was stressing about a giant project for many months, so I'm just going to go back to those stickmen videos instead when I return in 2022. I've also decided to release all the assets from cavefolder for free into the public domain, so anyone can continue the story: https://github.com/wavetro/cavefolder

Andy and Bulb belong to you now. I hope you can take better care of them than I did. Thank you and see you in 2022



Posted by wavetro - January 3rd, 2021

Hey there! I had an amazing year on Newgrounds in 2020, and I'd like to thank all of you for making it the best year of my life so far.

Anyways, I made this rambling video podcast thing talking about what's next for me and my stuff, how my lightspeed growth on Newgrounds felt like both a good and bad thing, etc...



For the rest of you guys though, I'll keep the main points of my future brief:

  • The Stickmen show is over for good unfortunately. I don't have time for it anymore and I want to try other things.
  • I'll be disappearing from Newgrounds/YouTube/Instagram/whatever for a while as I figure out my life after graduating college and moving out of my parents' house and money and all that shit.
  • I will come back one day to continue my series cavefolder sometime in 2022 at the earliest, but until then, consider my page/profile inactive.
  • Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing year again!! Stickmen 2020 is my greatest life accomplishment so far and I'm super grateful for anyone who enjoyed it.

I'll end this post here with a link to my shop to buy a physical stickmen keepsake to remember the show by, as well as a Discord invite:



Well, I gotta disappear for now. Take care everyone! I'll see you soon :)




Posted by wavetro - September 12th, 2020

Hey, I'm going through an especially-long video drought this time around, so I thought I'd like to tell you that I have a few videos that go behind-the-scenes of how I make my videos while you guys wait!

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQFHz8gBr0Q&list=PL1IR2gCDHo8LGu3HeBwTDSHr_K6kuWKad

I don't know when exactly I'll come back, but it'll definitely be before the end of the year. Hope you understand, and take care! (And the software I use is Blender 3D, since I get asked so much)



Posted by wavetro - June 27th, 2020

I had to unlist a video from Newgrounds, specifically my most recent one about my Sponsus and Patreon. I accidentally promised more than I could actually make in a month, so I've scaled back my monthly rewards significantly. You can still watch the unlisted video here if you're curious about what it was.

In the meantime, I'll be going into video hibernation again for my own mental health. Best to keep this as just a hobby and not something full-time.



Posted by wavetro - June 12th, 2020

I'm back from the dead!

Spent a few weeks preparing my Sponsus and Patreon, and now they're ready. Check out the whole deal in the video I posted, and I'll see you next time with normal videos.


UPDATE: https://wavetro.newgrounds.com/news/post/1104061



Posted by wavetro - April 27th, 2020

Nope. I've had enough. No more of this ruining-my-health-for-a-good-work-ethic horseshit, you guys were totally right about this. Videos will now come out whenever they're ready



Posted by wavetro - April 21st, 2020

Just recently finished an interview with Wikitubia saying how I want to do wavetro full-time after I finish college without resorting to YouTube ad revenue.

Not a week goes by and I've just been offered a deal with the devil.


If I take the offer, I can secure a stronger chance at the video-making dream, but at the expense of being another enabler of giant video companies controlling the web. If I don't take the offer, I'll have more integrity, but at the cost of a slimmer chance of ever getting the dream.

I know you guys don't give a shit about YouTube, but what do you think I should do?


Thanks for the feedback guys. I looked into YouTube ads more and realized I can't really run anything shorter than 15 seconds without putting the annoying Skip Ads button. This person also made a great point that people binging my videos would be irritated by the ads since everything is 1-2 minutes apiece.


So I'm casting the ring into the fire and looking into sites like Patreon. (I'll be running polls on my Twitter and YouTube soon asking some questions about that too if you're interested.)




Posted by wavetro - April 16th, 2020

You're probably wondering why there isn't a video today. Truth be told, I can't keep up with videos every Thursday anymore. I'm gonna downgrade my schedule to just "every week" now.

I will never forgive myself if I don't at least stick to some regular upload schedule, so going forward I'll still aim to finish and upload new shit on Thursdays, but I will now allow myself to push the due date to Friday or Saturday if need be. (I will literally die if I don't cut myself some slack it's 3 AM right now)

Hope you guys understand! ...I mean you probably do, my old schedule was pretty intense lol



Posted by wavetro - March 31st, 2020

Today is a big day! To celebrate ten years since I uploaded my very first video to the internet, please check out my celebration video. THANK YOU!!!!



Posted by wavetro - March 19th, 2020