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wavetro's News

Posted by wavetro - July 23rd, 2022

Okay one VERY last news post for the road:


Left-to-right: Tom Fulp, PhantomArcade, me, IvanAlmighty. Picture taken by KindaDrake, posted with Tom's permission

Yep. That's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation. Basically, I decided to ask Tom if @KindaDrake and I could visit the Newgrounds office, since we both live in the Northeast. He said yes. Holy shit.

This month, I basically walked on the moon: I got to sneakily visit the office in the middle of NG meetup season, talk with the Newgrounds office gang, and play-test Nightmare Cops. ALL on a Friday night. It was surreal. (I'm sorry NYC I know there's a meetup tomorrow and I literally live in this town but I can't go because I don't want my face posted online)



Anyways, KindaDrake and I got there and left our mark with a few bags of signed pizza goldfish on their shelves, because of course that's what we had to bring them! We were gonna bring something else if we had a better idea, and we didn't LOL. (You may have noticed that we also had bags of Flavor-Blasted Pizza Goldfish as well as the normal ones. This is because I tasted the normal ones the night before and found out at the last-minute that Pepperidge Farm reduced the pizza flavor on both bags, so now the flavor-blasted green-bag one is good and the normal white-bag one is ass. Fuck you Pepperidge)


We waved to Jeff for like 2 seconds before poking around the rest of the office, remarking on all the history drawn on the walls and the hentai sitting on half of the desks. Then we talked with Tom and IvanAlmighty a while about online art and stuff, and it was really fascinating shit.


I would've been fully-content with the visit ending there simply for the conversations I got to have with the literal staff of Newgrounds, but then Tom did the unthinkable. He said "do you guys want to help us test Nightmare Cops?"

The visit was now an entire day at the office. Tom literally let us play almost everything inside his test build of Nightmare Cops, and it was such a fucking good game. I can't show you videos/pictures obviously, but it's going to be amazing once it comes out. My favorite part was when PhantomArcade and Corey randomly stroll in right behind us as we're playing, and we were immediately expecting conversations like "I'm going to stab you in the balls 10000 times if you don't beat this level" and shit, but instead everyone at the office was so genuinely interested in our feedback and first impressions of what they had built. It was so damn refreshing, and I could see how passionate everyone at the office was about what they had made so far. PhantomArcade even showed me some things he's animating for Friday Night Funkin, which I ALSO cannot tell you about but reassure you that it looks great. He then took us to dinner with Tom and Ivan, where we got to talk about shit even more (as well as watch Ivan get bullied by our waitress for some reason.) Then we finally went home... but not before Tom literally drove us to the Wawa from Sleepycabin IN HIS CAR holy shit!! KindaDrake got mad at me because I proceeded to buy nothing there, which was funny because now we had an even-longer walk back to his car. We waved to Ivan as we walked past the office again and then finally went home...

Thank you @TomFulp @PhantomArcade @IvanAlmighty @Spazkid @JohnnyUtah for the amazing day at your office!!! It was an honor to see the HQ for such an amazing website turn out to be an equally-amazing experience, and getting to see (and talk about) your current work first-hand with all of you was both astounding and inspiring. I wish you all nothing but the best with your games, art, animations, and whatever else you'll do in the future!

- George (wavetro)



P.S. This is incredibly late, but I also wanted to shout out @Stepford @Andyl4nd and @milkypossum for putting me in their Pico Day game NG STARS!! You can play as Ben (or a red stickman) and launch a 10-foot-tall wavetro logo at your enemies. You should play it if you haven't already, and thank you to the three of you for including me in your love letter to Newgrounds!!



P.P.S. In case I don't make another blog post for a while, you can find future updates on wavetro.net. If you are wondering who this "wavetro" jackass even is, click here



Posted by wavetro - April 13th, 2022

One last news post for the road:

  • Some people are confused so I'd like to reiterate: I AM NOT DEAD! At the time of writing this, I still browse Newgrounds and may occasionally post a creation to the site. The only thing that's dead are the animations that you originally knew me for, not everything else about me. I can't promise that whatever I'll do next is something that can be posted on here since I'm still trying to find a new creative outlet for myself, but you can always see the latest things I've been doing at wavetro.net if you're ever curious.

  • Also I was recently interviewed by prominent Newgrounds writer @TheInterviewer! If you want to read a big wall of text about my former one-man animation career and other stuff, check it out here.

  • Also my characters made it onto r/Place 2 a few weeks ago! Without me even asking, people on my Discord fought hard to create pixel art of Teddy and Ben, and managed to succeed in the end. See if you can find it on the atlas...

Thank you for your time! Until we meet again.





Posted by wavetro - March 24th, 2022


Nope, this isn’t an early April Fool’s joke. It’s actually over.

As of today, “(the untitled Teddy and Ben show)” is officially canceled and I’m no longer making any more videos as a one-man animation studio.

I made a video that goes into the full reasons why I made this decision that you can watch on either YouTube or Odysee. Please watch it if you can.

I’ll still be making things and sometimes posting them here on Newgrounds, but there’s no promise of the consistent and high-quality animated videos that you’re used to anymore.

If you donated to me and didn’t get to have your name in the first episode of Teddy & Ben, please email me for a refund if you’d like one (or if anyone just wants to say hi or ask me questions.) Otherwise, I’ll put all those names in one more animation that’s coming out on Thursday. It’s already finished, so don’t worry about it being canceled. I’ll also put the names of anyone else that donates to my Ko-fi at wavetro.net/support before Wednesday the 30th at noon EDT. If you’ve always wanted to have your name at the end of a wavetro animation, this is your last chance.

Thank you to everyone who came along on this crazy ride with me. I’m really glad that Newgrounds still exists, especially in an era where every other website seems to treat creative people like content factories. I’m going to start making and posting things that actually respect my own creative spirit from now on.

With love,




Posted by wavetro - February 11th, 2022


The February release date for my next video is now de-confirmed to "whenever it's ready." Been having an exhausting time at my day job recently, which multiplied my stress of trying to get this video done before the end of this month as I originally promised a few weeks ago. If I stuck with this, I would've 100% burned out by next week. As a result, I'm dropping the promise of releasing this month altogether.

I secretly wanted to push myself to make two videos a month, but it's best for my health that I DON'T have any schedule- not even promising a single release date lmao. Rushing videos wouldn't be very Newgrounds of me either. So my next video will be ready when it's ready- maybe still February, maybe in March, who knows when. Wish I didn't spend so much time on that new website. My bad!

- wavetro

P.S. If you donated to me in the past month you should probably read this


Posted by wavetro - February 3rd, 2022


So I only started working on my new video today… but don’t worry! I’m still trying to get it out before February 21 so the people who donated to get into “moving in” will get into this one too. No promises though, I have no upload schedule.

If you read the title, you can see what I’ve been actually doing this past week…


I finished my new website that was supposed to come out two weeks ago!!

It’s stupidly-fast, has no JavaScript, and is hand-typed from scratch by yours truly. (It also changes light/dark themes depending on your device theme.) Check it out at wavetro.net!

It’s good to have actual pages now to store things instead of a slow-ish Carrd site. Looking to add cool things like a fanart gallery or a downloadables page at some point!

Okay I’ll see you later this month with a new vid hopefully!

George (wavetro)


Posted by wavetro - January 11th, 2022

happy new year



Posted by wavetro - December 13th, 2021

One last final for real update before I return next year: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/825500

A bunch of people got together to re-animate a part of Stickmen 2020 and it came out amazing. Go show it some love!!

And I'll see the rest of you next year...



Posted by wavetro - October 20th, 2021

Hey everyone, one last update before I return to making videos next year: cavefolder 2 and all future episodes of the show are cancelled.

I'm gonna spare you from the full explanation, but over the past two years, I've learned that I was happiest when I was making the short stickmen videos, not when I was stressing about a giant project for many months, so I'm just going to go back to those stickmen videos instead when I return in 2022. I've also decided to release all the assets from cavefolder for free into the public domain, so anyone can continue the story: https://github.com/wavetro/cavefolder

Andy and Bulb belong to you now. I hope you can take better care of them than I did. Thank you and see you in 2022



Posted by wavetro - January 3rd, 2021

Hey there! I had an amazing year on Newgrounds in 2020, and I'd like to thank all of you for making it the best year of my life so far.

Anyways, I made this rambling video podcast thing talking about what's next for me and my stuff, how my lightspeed growth on Newgrounds felt like both a good and bad thing, etc...



For the rest of you guys though, I'll keep the main points of my future brief:

  • The Stickmen show is over for good unfortunately. I don't have time for it anymore and I want to try other things.
  • I'll be disappearing from Newgrounds/YouTube/Instagram/whatever for a while as I figure out my life after graduating college and moving out of my parents' house and money and all that shit.
  • I will come back one day to continue my series cavefolder sometime in 2022 at the earliest, but until then, consider my page/profile inactive.
  • Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing year again!! Stickmen 2020 is my greatest life accomplishment so far and I'm super grateful for anyone who enjoyed it.

I'll end this post here with a link to my shop to buy a physical stickmen keepsake to remember the show by, as well as a Discord invite:



Well, I gotta disappear for now. Take care everyone! I'll see you soon :)




Posted by wavetro - September 12th, 2020

Hey, I'm going through an especially-long video drought this time around, so I thought I'd like to tell you that I have a few videos that go behind-the-scenes of how I make my videos while you guys wait!

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQFHz8gBr0Q&list=PL1IR2gCDHo8LGu3HeBwTDSHr_K6kuWKad

I don't know when exactly I'll come back, but it'll definitely be before the end of the year. Hope you understand, and take care! (And the software I use is Blender 3D, since I get asked so much)