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send in the Jerma

Alaska be like


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The game. Is good

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this is Teddy's year

PinkShirtDude responds:

yes indeed!


And you put all this together on Manjaro too?? BRO

coffeebean1 responds:

Yes and no! I wanted to explain more of my process in the Discord server but there is a lot to explain. The best way that I could describe my process was a bunch of jerry rigged software, and tools being put together. Around the time when the project started. I was making the 2D/3D in Procreate, and uploading them to my google drive, Same with my vocal/instrumental flac files that I recorded with my phone, and masking the shity sounds with reverb, and compressing software on FL Studios, and arranging them in Audacity on my old 2015 Toshiba Satellite c55 laptop. It was a good laptop, but was showing it's age during the middle of the project, I noticed that Windows was crashing more then usual, and I came to the conclusion that Windows was just too much for this computer. I was looking for alternatives. mac was out, cause I wasn't gonna pay an arm and a leg for a dissent OS, but shit hardware. So I was looking towards open source market. I did research on the list Linux Distros, that was also good at heavy duty task. The conclusion that I came too was a Arch based Linux Distro. Either Arch Linux or Manjoro. Arch was out, because I'm not manually installing a Linux Distro. So Manjoro was a safe bet, and it's very gamer friendly too. Blender wasn't an issue because it's open source, same with audacity, and with a little tinkering you can can get FL Studios to run via Wine. The only thing that I couldn't get around was the Adobe Suite, but I found a alternative with KD live. At first it was great, and I was getting work a lot faster then I did before on Win 10. But I was getting an error message saying that my drive was courupted. for my birthday I got a new Lenvo Legion laptop that was leagues ahead of my old laptop. So I went back to Windows 10 because it came preinstalled, and I finished both my part, and the outro on that computer. So to make a long story short, I made this with both WIndows 10 and Manjoro Linux.

And thanks for the comment and the 5 star, and follow! I have been watching your stuff as early as spring 2020, and it's great that you love the project that we put months of work into. And hope you make more videos soon!

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the palette reminds me of Atic Atac. lovely


redshibe responds:

ENERGY SWORD SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

when you're Steve Harvey yelling "KILL" on network television

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