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Good luck w/ everything!!!

Good luck with all that you plan on doing in the future, hope you have a great 2021!

Chasing your dreams; living your life; getting places in the world man. :) Sounds awesome. Looking forward to your great return whenever time comes, and might just have time to catch up with the current showcase before then!

All the best!


This may sound tacky, but I'm so happy to have had your videos the last couple of years. Thank you for everything you've done so far, and I wish you nothing but the best in the future. Best o luck! :)

Glad you had a good year, wavetro. Can’t wait to see another episode of cavefolder man, I wish you the best of luck.

Good luck in 2021 my dude!

Hate to see you go when it was just getting good. but hope you ventures lead to more prosperous things dude.

Naw no disappearing, You don't have to make videos, just hang out sometimes. Moving out of my parents house was one of the most freeing but also expensive decisions I ever had to make. Since you're at that point in life, a word of advice, don't make my mistake and be without goals for too long of a period. Maintain lots of friendly relationships out of school if you can, because it is hard as fuck to make friends after that. Since you're already a really creative guy with animation knowledge, maybe you can get involved in that industry somewhere. Either way, I hope it goes well for ya buddy.

Thank you for the advice!

bruh, Wavetro, I literally just found your stickman series and your finishing it rip! I wish you luck on your adventures and I cant wait to see cavefold 2!

Congrats on user of the day :)

Congrats on user of the day, even if you were inactive during this time :)

thank god, the legend is still gonna do something!